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A man I never met

Let me tell you about a man I've never met...

This man has a revelation of the love of God for him in a deep and personal way.
He knows his sins although many, have been freely forgiven.
He knows that even when he fails, he's loved, forgiven and cleansed by the blood of Jesus.
He knows that the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ can only be received by faith and not earned.
He knows that he is washed, sanctified and justified
in the name of the Lord Jesus, and by the Spirit of our God
He knows that he does not have to work for the Fathers approval like a servant
but that his Father loves and cares for him as his own son.
He knows that he also can not work for his Fathers inheritance
but all that his Father has is his and this is promised to him
by an oath greater than any oath ever taken.

Yet, knowing all this...
this man uses this as a license to keep on sinning.
I've heard someone, who knows someone, who knows this man.
but I've never met him myself.
I've heard you need to be careful of those who teach
and believe all the things this man believes
because it will make you sin like crazy as well,
but I've never actually seen it happen to anyone.
I've heard of this man but do not believe he actually exists.

I do know how often and how loud the accusation is.
I do know an accuser and
I do know what happens when sadly
a man does not know, he's loved, forgiven and accepted by the Father.
I do know that man, because that man was me.

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