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As He is the Possessor of Eternal Life, so are We in this World
by John Fazio

Instead of walking in the way whereby we are always laboring to build our own life in the world;

If we walk in the light and life that God has promised from the beginning and was made immortal flesh in the resurrection, in His eternal life that cannot be hurt or injured by the death and corruption in the world; knowing that as He is only light and life; so also has He freely given me that same life that is the light of all men, whereby we can have true fellowship in that life one with another, and the blood that ran out of His Son Jesus Christ allows our flesh to go to rest; purging our hearts and minds from all sin to serve and be served by the living God.


Beloved, now are we the sons of God, possessing His life and fellowship, filled with the glory and honor from our Father, and though it has not yet manifest in our bodies what we shall be: we know with certainty, that when He appears in all His glory, we shall also appear in His likeness; for we shall see ourselves in His face, as the beloved sons of God and as He is fashioned in His glorious body, so shall we be also.


And every man that has the hope of the same life and immortality that came out of the grave in human flesh and bone, rests in the only hope that can purify his own heart, even as He is pure; holy and undefiled by the death and corruption in the world.


Little children, let no man deceive you robbing you of this truth: he who sees that there is only One who is the true witness and testimony of his life, is righteous; that truly as He is righteous, even so, are you righteous.


When you behold what manner of love the Father has for you, in that while you were dead, He came in the Son, laying down His life for us all; because He was unwilling to let us die but did not ever want to be without us;


Herein is the Fathers love made perfect in our hearts, because being persuaded that He could never be pleased that you were dead and perishing, but could only be satisfied in sharing His life with you, and being good to you forever, will you stand in boldness before Him in the day of judgment; being confident that as He is the son of God filled with glory and honor, so are you in this world.


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